Devita Devices

The operating principle of DeVita devices is based on the action of low health frequencies, which are normal for the body. The spiritual and physical harmony is thus achieved, without any active external intervention. The portable DeVita devices are designed in order to maintain a high level of health and are intended to revitalize the body systems. The technology concerning the effect of frequencies on human body has started developing since the early 20th century. The studies in this area have been conducted for more than a period of 80 years. Worldwide known physicists have been working on perfecting this technology. In the latest generations of DeVita devices, the greatest inventions of Physics Science have been materialized that address to the preservation of health and wellness of the individual . These products are innovative,and there are not any other products similar to them worldwide. The foundations of DeVita technologies are the most important scientific achievements of pioneering scientists from Germany, America and Russia. Today, the DETA ELIS HOLDING company is the No1 company worldwide in the development and production of wellness devices based on bioresonance.

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