DeLixir – is a concentrated nourishing drink, which contains vitamins, minerals and the mix of unique herbal extracts. Just 15 ml of DeLixir per day will make your life more active, bright and healthy!
DeLixir Collagen +. Elixir with a high content of collagen to maintain your youth outside and inside. Has a delicate taste of black currant.
DeLixir Detox. Gently but effectively cleanses your body from toxins. Contains a natural absorbent. Has a juicy Kiwi flavor.
DeLixir pH Balance. Preserves pH-balance of your body. Helps to resist free radicals. Has an intensive lemon flavor.
DeLixir Multi-Energy. Contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Fills your body with pure vital energy. Refreshing orange flavor.
WHAT ARE THE INGREDIENTS IN DELIXIR? All 4 products have special formulas, developed exclusively for our company. They contain the most valuable botanical extracts biologically active supplements:
– Noni juice – drink of longevity, unique natural adaptogen, which activates the hidden reserves of the organism, defending it from toxins.
– Acai berry – on the top of the components with antioxidant properties, contains about 3 000 healthy and nutritious elements.
– Spirulina – a concentrated source of nutrients, which normalizes the function of the thyroid gland and reduces cholesterol
– Goji berry – source of longevity, normalizing the functioning of gastrointestinal tract and restoring metabolic processes, helps to lose weight.
– Aloe Vera – stimulates the production of cells, fighting germs, boosts the immunity and leads the toxins out of the body.
– Ginger – beneficially affects the digestive system, has an anti-parasitic effect, and lowers the level of cholesterol in blood.
– Methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM) – takes part in metabolic processes, necessary for cells health and regeneration, slows down the aging processes.
– Turmeric – prevents the formation of pathogenic cells, cleanses the liver from toxins, and has antibacterial properties.
– Selenium – increases resistance to adverse factors of the environment, essential for functioning of heart muscle and blood vessels.
– Coenzyme Q10 – plays main part in the chemical reactions circle, provides the delivery of oxygen and the production of energy, an element of ATP synthesis.
– Lutein – extremely important to preserve visual acuity and eye health. Not produced in the body.
– Green coffee bean – detox-product, has an amazing toning effect, helps to normalize the pressure in the brain blood vessels.
– Raspberry ketone – promotes weight loss, restores the health of skin, hair and nails, removes the fluid retention.
– Vitamin and mineral complex – the source of vital energy.
– Amino-acids – the main element in building proteins in the organism.
Just 15 ml of DeLixir per day will make your life active, bright and healthy!
DeLixir – is a revolutionary, healthy, and simply delicious product. Use DeLixir every day – invest into your health and active longevity. All the products are perfectly combined with DeVita complexes, creating all the conditions for the highest quality of life.
DELIXIR FOR WHOM Rich with multi-vitamins drinks DeLixir cover the widest audience. Using DeLixir is recommended to those who:
– Care about their health & beauty;
– live in the modern rhythm of life;
– want to balance inner-selves;
– do sports and fitness;
– live in a big city;
– feel chronic fatigue, stress, lack of strength & energy;
– want to fill themselves with activity, vivacity & energy;
– want to achieve active longevity;
– control the health of their musculoskeletal system;
– is concerned about the excess weight problem;
– go to school and have increased mental workload;
– lead their own business and is constantly doing lots of tasks;
– want to boost immunity and get colds less often;
– have a lot of “acid food”: meet, sweets, coffee, sauces, eggs, white bread.