DePuls+ Express Test (English Version)


DePuls+ will allow you to assess the resources of the body for basic physiological and psycho-emotional aspects. Use the device for business and personal matter.

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DePuls+ will allow you to assess the resources of the body for basic physiological and psycho-emotional aspects. Use the device for business and personal matter.

The DEPULSE+ is an automated bioresonance scanning device that works on the principles of Heart Rate Variability measures, which have much scientific research behind them. Wrist electrodes are used to pick up the pulse and the heart rate, and algorithms convert these to a number of measures regarding the energetic status of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The DEPULS+ is compatible with all Windows based operating systems on laptop and desktop computers.

Where a qualified practitioner is not available for Bioresonance testing, this automated instrument would be a good measure of improvement after being treated with the bioresonance instruments such as the DEVITA AP, the DEVITA RITM or even the PROFESSIONAL. A comparison of before treatment and after treatment measures will show the level of improvement in many of these parameters, and generally how the Autonomic Nervous System is responding to the treatments, whether they are from dietary changes, relaxation techniques, detox regimes or the use of bioresonance therapy.

The DEPULS+ will be in 3 languages – Russian, Greek and English.

The DEPULS+ is capable of measuring 15 different energetic parameters of health, such as:

1. Heart Rate Variability
2. Vegetative and Stress Measures
3. Psychosomatic and Brain Balance
4. Immune Balance
5. Biological Age and Energy Pyramid
6. Gastrointestinal Balance
7. Balance of Other Organs and Systems
8. Spine and Joints
9. Functional Health
10. Aura Balance
11. Chakra Balance
12. Meridian Balance
13. Condition of Organs according to U-SIN
14. Energy Balance
15. General Indicators of Balancing Energy Systems

Let us examine each of these measures in a little more detail:

1. THE HEART RATE VARIABILITY MEASURE – this determines the overall health of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) – how we adapt to changes in our environment, the Vegetative Balance, or the way that the ANS is reacting to stressors, the Biochemical Balance of the myriad of chemical reactions in each cell of the body which also is controlled partly by the ANS, Psychosomatic Condition which takes into account the connection between the mind and the body. There is also a Total Health Indicator which takes the average of all these factors mentioned above.


2. NEUROVEGETATIVE FUNCTION & STRESS INDICATORS – this indicator examines a general Stress Indicator and a Neurovegetative Balance Indicator which is the interaction between the mind when stressed and how the Autonomic Nervous System reacts to bring the body back to balance.


3. PSYCHOSOMATIC & BRAIN BALANCE – this is an indicator of the relationship between the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) and the body as a whole and looks at the Electrical Activity of the ANS and the Brain Wave Activity during different cycles of brain waves.


4. IMMUNE BALANCE – this measures the energetic status of the immune system and at what level of functioning it is at


5. BIOLOGICAL AGE & ENERGY PYRAMID – this shows the Biological Age vs the Chronological Age. Biological age, also called physiological age, is a measure of how well or poorly your body is functioning relative to your actual calendar age. For example, you may have a calendar or chronological age of 65, but because of a healthy and active lifestyle (avoiding longevity threats like tobacco and obesity), your body is physiologically more similar to someone with a chronological age of 55. Your biological age would therefore be 55.


6. FUNCTION STATE OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL (GI) TRACT – this takes the organs related to digestion which include the mouth, teeth, oesophagus, the stomach, small and large intestines, leading to the anus as well as the pancreas.


7. FUNCTIONAL CONDITION OF ALL PHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS – the human body is a complex, self-regulating biological system that is constantly maintaining balance with its external environment. The vitality of the body is determined by the synergistic functioning of all the physiological systems of the body. This measure indicates how healthy or stressed are all the physiological systems as a whole which are all regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System such urinary, circulatory, respiratory, neuromuscular, GI tract, endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic and more.


8. FUNCTIONALITY OF THE SPINAL COLUMN – this is a measure of the flow of energy through all the vertebral column from the cervical, thoracic, lumbar all the way down to the sacum and coccyx.


9. INDICATOR OF FUNCTIONAL HEALTH – this is an energetic measure of body function taking into account all the functional activity of all our physiological systems and using algorithms works out a Prognostic Indicator over the next 24 hours based upon how stressed our bodily functioning is.


10. ENERGY AURA IN THE BODY – the aura is the bioenergy emanated by the human and is composed of various layers. A disturbance of this energy field that may also be caused by external informational pollution can lead to imbalances and diseases. A bright , luminescent aura indicates harmony and balance, whereas a darker aura reflects a physiological, psychological and emotional imbalance and deficiency. The size of the aura perimeter also plays a role – the larger the aura, the more pronounced if the energy flow and the person will be better protected and healthy. There is also a direct relationship between the aura and the chakras.


11. THE CHAKRA SYSTEM – the Chakras are Energy Centres where humans obtain energy from the environment. They are found along the spinal column. Depending on how open these Chakras are, this will determine the overall health of the person. This will give an energetic measure of all the 7 Chakras, determining how open or closed they are.


12. THE MERIDIANS – meridians are energy channels ‘transporting’ life energy (Chi/Qi)) throughout the body. If there are blockages, this will lead to a deficiency of energy flow to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas. Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury or trauma, or bad living habits (diet, addictions, lack of exercise, toxins, stress) and can be traced to the root of all health (physical/mental/spiritual) problems. This will give an energetic imprint of all the meridians individually and as a whole.


13. THE U-SIN MERIDIAN SYSTEM – this is an energetic measure of the energy flow in all the meridians as a whole. Depending on the time of the day, YIN and YANG values can change. During the day, YANG energy is dominant, peaking at lunch time. YIN energy is more dominant at night, peaking around midnight. During a new moon, the female energy YIN is dominant, but during a full moon the YANG male energy is dominant. During a full moon people are usually more active and it is good to keep busy during this period. For creativity and achieving, it is best to wait until the new moon.

The seasons can also effect our YIN and YANG energies. In Fall and Winter, the YIN is effected more, whereas YANG is more effected during Spring and Summer. Children that are however born in Winter or Fall will have dominant YANG , whereas children born in Spring and Summer will have more dominant YIN.


14. DYNAMICS OF FUNCTIONAL – ENERGETIC MEASURES – this tests determines an average Dynamic of all the energies flowing through the Chakras and the Meridians, but also takes into account the Aura measurement too.


Practitioners and Networkers interested in presenting this amazing measuring device to others who may be interested can download a POWERPOINT PRESENTATION version of the slides.


Window 15 – Recommendations for health care. The final window tells you what products of DEHolding Company are recommended for you to use for your health improvement.


Window 1 – Register indicators. Here you can see cardiac rate in electrocardiogram. The display also shows any changes of his/her current state and main physiological indicators of the body.

Window 2 – Vegetative regulation indicators. Here is shown the energy balance, which is being spent to various organism functions, as well as a stress level.

Window 3 – Psycho-emotional state. Shows the state of the brain activity and the level of control of psycho-emotional balance. It also shows the psycho-emotional state at the moment of test.

Window 4 – Protection forces of the body. Demonstrates the state of immune protection of a person being tested — i.e its ability to protect the body from the pathogenic flora.


Window 5 – Speed of biological age. Reflects the compliance of the organs and systems state to the calendar age of a person.


Window 6 – Functional state of the digestive tract. Displays functional state of the digestive system organs through the test of all the gastrointestinal tract organs.


Window 7 – Functional state of systems of an organism. Here you can see the state of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and other systems.


Window 8 – Functional state of the spine. Displays the status of the various divisions of the vertebral column, as well as the power passing through the energy flow.


Window 9 – Indicators of the functional test. This window shows the final results of the body test, daily forecast activity and biological reserves.


Window 10 – Aura portrait. Here the power of the energetic field of a person is demonstrated — aura, and the state of its membranes, energy and adaptation reserves level.


Window 11 – Chakra system. Displays the activity of energetic centers of a human being — chakras — and the degree of its openness. It depends on the energy exchange with the environment.


Window 12 – Diagram of meridians. Displays the distribution of energy into the meridians of internal organs, according to the Chinese system of reflex therapy.


Window 13 – Wu Xing therapy. Demonstrates balance of 5 energy elements — wood, earth, fire, metal and water — in the body, according to the Chinese theory of Wu Xing.

Window 14 –Test results on the energy state. Here you’ll find general results of energy indicators of the test — state of chakras, meridians and aura.

Window 15 – Recommendations for health care. The final window tells you what products of DEHolding Company are recommended for you to use for your health improvement.